Warning Unum Scam Alert – Lucens SSDI File Authorization

One of my clients received a request from Lucens, Unum’s newest SSDI file chaser, to sign a form called “Authorization for The Social Security Administration To Release Information.” On the bottom right of the Authorization is “Form SSA-L88-OP1 (06-2014).”

In examining the form carefully, it appeared to me that something was very, very wrong. To begin, the Social Security Administration doesn’t place its form numbers on the bottom right, but the bottom left of all of its forms. Second, if you notice all SSA forms have an “Approved OMB No. at the top right of the form. And finally, no SSA form has bar codes on the bottom and right side of the page; and when I searched for the form from the SSA.gov page it wasn’t to be found.

Last year I wrote to SSA requesting to know why Unum was allowed to use its own form CL-1155 to request SSDI files. SSA responded that any authorization can be used if it meets the SSA Guidelines for Authorizations. I had no objection to that because Unum numbered its Form CL-1155, and never misrepresented its proprietary form SSA form with an approved OMB No. In fact, this was good news since DCS, Inc. could create its own form for client purposes.

However, the Lucens form uses an SSA number and is suggesting to insureds and claimants that the form is an official federal form when it is not. This kind of deception really irritates me because it isn’t necessary. Lucens could number it’s form differently, the same way Unum did and no one would be led to believe the Authorization was a real SSA form.

Please don’t be misled into thinking the Lucens Group Authorization is an official SSA form because it isn’t. It appears to me Lucens created it own form which is OK as long as the company doesn’t format it to deceive insureds.

Let me remind claimants that they do not have to sign any Authorization giving Unum permission to obtain their SSDI file. You are permitted to keep this information private. If you are harassed about it, pick up your phone and call your federal Congressman for assistance. At best, don’t be misled by the Lucens Group form; it isn’t an official SSA form even though it’s numbered to make you think it is.

Not a great start of confidence in Lucens as Unum’s new file chaser.

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Source: Linda Nee