Unum Employees – “Watch Your Six”

Sources inside Unum continue to report to me that company treatment of employees continues to harass those who either challenge claims practices, or have had to go out on STD themselves. This is another subject I’ve written about extensively, but because I am aware Unum employees read my blog I’m going to address it again.

After a recent discussion with a Unum LTD DBS it occurred to me that neither its claims practices nor treatment of its employees changed in 16 years. Apparently, Sandy Rosen from HR is still covering Unum’s behind, and management harassment is at an all time high.

A Customer Service rep who is expecting to be fired shared that Unum’s treatment of cancer insureds is unfair and dishonest. Although he was told to keep his mouth shut, he was eventually offered around $4,000 to quit the “remote” program and leave.

Another claims employee out of work and receiving STD is receiving daily calls from her manager harassing her to come back to work. I also understand that several other employees have been harassed by managers who contact those on STD on a daily basis.

Listening to Unum’s current employees talk is like “old home week” for me. Most who call DCS, Inc. describe a claims process focusing on denials and meeting financial targets.  Although I have said many times, “Whatever Unum does to its insureds, it can also do to YOU”, it doesn’t make things any easier when “the targeters become the targeted!”

Unum employees should realize they need to protect themselves from Unum’s violations of human rights in the workplace. My first suggestion is to keep a journal at home documenting what goes on at work. Daily records of 1/1 meetings, unit team meetings, internal memos of interest from Unum’s “Intranet”, and other management directives that don’t seem quite right to you.

Use your conscience as a guide to figure out what’s right and what isn’t. Keep your journal up to date with records and other information that could prove wrongful termination and deceptive claims practices. Come on. If you’re working in claims, you know how the process works. Document it!

One of the problems I ran in to from the DOL and Human Rights Commission was, “We believe you, but prove it.” Document your employment, your activities and management’s directives – if a wrongful termination occurs, you will have documentation to back you up.

Unum’s managers begin to pad personnel files long before most employees are aware of it. Do not keep your Unum journal anywhere near your office or office computer.

Unum terminated me off campus when I was taking HIA tests in South Portland – then it raided my office drawers, computer, shelves and confiscated all of my files. Another employee in Chattanooga’s desk was raided and her personal belongings were thrown to the curb in front of the building for her to pick up at 5 o’clock. That’s got to be pretty humiliating.

More claims or work seems to be coming your way, you are set up in projects in which you will fail, 1/1 meetings begin to be more critical and negative, and when managers finally have you where they want you, they put you on probation, or you are escorted out of the building.

In addition, Unum’s managers often segregate you from your unit peers and attempt to obtain additional adverse information from them. For example, your manager may ask some of your peers to send you emails asking how you are, so they can get more information about you. My personnel file was padded with statements from my peers even AFTER I’d left the company.

(You may recall that Unum suspected me of being a whistle blower at the time of 60 Minutes and NBC Dateline shows in 2001.)

I know this to be true because Unum’s attorneys threatened my best Unum friend to give up personal emails I sent to her home the day I was terminated. These same emails plagued me for several years when I gave depositions. It is definitely NOT a good idea to respond to peer emails when you are on STD or expecting to be terminated.

Human Resources is not a Unum department to contact since they are not advocates for employees, but for Unum. I mentioned Sandy Rosen, an HR person who has, in my opinion, done more to destroy Unum-employee relations than any other personnel tool. As an employee, this is not a person you want to trust to help you get a fair shake.

When I write articles like this, my insured readers ask, “Why are you so concerned about Unum employees?” It’s pretty simple, really, Unum employees keep me informed, and as a person whose been there, I can tell them that getting fired by Unum is the best thing that  will ever happen to them!

Unum employees need to constantly “watch their six”. For those who don’t understand this phrase, it simply means that everyone who works for Unum must keep a close eye on their behind, and cover it from those who wish to do them harm.

If you find yourself on Unum’s or some manager’s poop list please feel free to give me a call. Unum can’t control who you speak to, or who you contact, and I just might be the  right person who can relate.