Unum’s Bonus Payoffs Draw Near

Unum employees should be looking for their bonus crumbs as March is payoff month for those who support Unum’s agenda of denying more and more claims.

Employees receive anywhere from 2-6% of their annual salaries as long as they do as they’re told in the claims process. Executive management leverages the possibility of annual bonus over the heads of employees often encouraging overtime and weekend work to boost the company’s profitability. The message is always clear, “If you work extra hard for us, we’ll pay you a bonus.”

What is especially egregious about Unum’s MICP (Management Incentive Compensation Program) is that executive management, including internal physicians who review claims, also receive bonuses. Not all of Unum’s physicians receive the same percentage. To keep the peace physicians are threatened with termination if they reveal their bonus percentages to other physicians.

Nevertheless, bonus day is celebrated with parties, cookies, pizza, and what usually turns out to be a half a day of work. Managers stand behind tables laden with food as gestures of saying “thank you” for meeting Unum’s profit agenda.

Unum’s employees should always be mindful that behind these bonuses are insureds and claimants who have been harmed to pay for their reward.