What’s Wrong With Unum’s Claims Handlers? They’re Not Reading The Files!

Are you finding it irritating that your Unum claims handlers keep asking for the same information over and over again? You just sent in your SSDI approval letter and once again your claims rep is asking for it again? What’s going on? How many times should you be expected to send in the same information over and over again?

Unfortunately, your Unum rep is not reading your file and probably doesn’t know what’s in it! Or, Unum is so paranoid about their Lucens SSDI initiative that management is forcing the U-numbies to request it again. Either way, it becomes damned irritating to have to fax the same information today you just faxed yesterday!

Unum doesn’t have paper files anymore but uploads everything electronically that is readable by claims handlers on their screens. To be honest, this process drove me crazy and crosses your eyes after a while looking at one, and maybe two lit computer screens at the same time. It doesn’t surprise me at all that Unum’s bottom administrative reviewers are avoiding reading the files.

Why Unum management doesn’t take more of a role in making sure its claims handlers read the files is surprising. Requesting the same information over and over again isn’t cost-effective for the company and is extremely irritating to insureds and claimants. At least at Unum Life Insurance we were expected to read the files and be familiar with claims enough to know what’s in them.

My suggestion to insureds who are asked to submit the same paperwork over and over again is to send a fax reminding the claims handler that you have a confirmation of fax receipt that it was previously sent. You can politely say, “May I suggest that you check the file?” You shouldn’t just rush to fax the information again until such time as the claims handler has had an opportunity TO READ THE FILE.

Unum claims handlers are quickly becoming the new negligent, uninformed group of the insurance world. Whatever happened to the expectation that claims handlers should KNOW the file before trying to manage it?