Linda Nee is a  Licensed Maine Life and Health Consultant with a specialty in management of disability income, employer ERISA claims and Long-Term Care.  As a former Unum Life Insurance and UnumProvident employee, Linda now owns and operates Disability Claims Solutions, Inc., a company dedicated to providing insureds with expert disability claim consulting services.

Linda’s expertise is evident in her 98% success rate in providing consultative services to her clients. Clients are referred to Linda from physicians and attorneys as an expert in the management of disability and long-term care claims.

Linda provides professional case management consulting to claimants and their physicians with a wide variety of resources available to insureds.  Linda relies heavily on her 23-year combined experience in actual claims management and consulting to provide insureds, counselors, therpaists, physicians, attorneys and others with information useful in managing and reporting medical informtion reported to disability insurers.

Ms. Nee is dedicated to a fair, and objective disability claims review process. Linda publishes a monthly newsletter, and writes articles educating insureds with knowledge at least equal to that of the insurance companies who review claims.

Linda’s expertise is in providing fee-based professional case management services to individuals with private disability insurance. With over 23 years experience in the disability claims review process, Ms. Nee remains dedicated to insureds and claimants who  have the right to be treated respectfully and fairly by their disability insurance company.

As a result of her claims expertise Linda is retained by those with private disability insurance and has a high success rate in providing insureds with consulting strategies for improved disability claim management. Ms. Nee is a trained contract specialist and assists claimants with policies for all of the major US disability insurers and reinsurers.

Linda Nee is a graduate of the University of Southern Maine and holds insurance credentials from the Health Insurance Association of America as an Health Insurance Associate, Disability Income Associate, and Disability Health Professional. Ms. Nee is also a Licensed Maine Life and Health Consultant with specialties in case managing disability income and long-term care claims.

After graduating from the International School of Brussels, Belgium, Linda began an interesting career as a young adult  in Seoul, Korea. Employed as a member of the Federal Civil Service in Seoul, Linda worked as an executive assistant to the Naval Commander, Headquarters Eighth Army preparing itineraries for notable visitors such as Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon.

Upon her return to the United States Linda joined the Women’s Army Corps and briefly assisted the Army Central Intelligence Department with undercover narcotics operations at an Army base located in the northeast.

In Maine, Linda was employed as an Assistant Professor of Accounting for a two-year local college and was eventually promoted to Accounting Department Chairman, Vice President of Academics, and Dean of Faculty and Students.

Linda’s well diversified international background contributes to her expertise as a consultant serving insureds and claimants throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Linda appeared in a BBC News America special a few years ago exposing Unum, and assists individuals in the UK with ideas to further support a fair process of medical welfare evaluation.

Over the years Linda has also developed expertise in managing fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, HIV/AIDS and other disabilities often targeted by disability insurers. Linda’s practice includes consulting assistance with initial applicaitons, on-going case management as well as appeals.

Linda is now licensed as a Life & Health Consultant in the states of MI, GA, OK, VA, OR, ME and NE. These are states which offer equivalent consultant licenses.

To speak with Linda about her services please call 207-793-4593.