Disability Claims Solutions, Inc. provides insureds across the USA with resources to make better decisions concerning ERISA Group STD/LTD claims, as well as Individual Disability Income benefits and Long-Term Care. Having the opportunity to work with an expert consultant, such as Linda Nee, provides insureds with valuable procedural options to work through problematic issues in successful ways.
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Disability Claims Solutions, Inc. works to provide professional, fee-based disability claims services and case management to those who are making initial applications for ERISA Group STD/LTD benefits, Individual Income Replacement benefits, and Long-Term Care.

Our philosophy is to provide insureds with a wide-range of disability claim information so that insureds have all available tools to make better choices when managing their claims. It is our belief that insureds/claimants have the right to information at least equal to that of the insurers who are making decisions to pay or deny their claims for private disability.

In addition, we believe insureds have the right to a fair, objective and honest review of their ongoing claims that is indicative of “good faith and fair dealing”, and/or a demonstration of fiduciary duty on the part of the insurer.

Finally, as a company Disability Claims Solutions, Inc. also believes that all disability insurers should be held publicly accountable for any deliberate internal claims review strategies resulting in the termination of targeted, legitimately payable claims solely for profit at the expense of the insured.

Helping my clients protect their assets and establish financial security, independence and economic freedom for themselves and those they care about is a noble endeavor and deserves my promise to support high standards of integrity, trust and professionalism through my career as an insurance and financial professional. Wit these principles as a foundation; I freely accept the following obligations:

  1. To help maintain my clients confidences and protect their right to privacy.
  2. To work diligently to satisfy the needs of my clients.
  3. To present, accurately and honestly, all facts essential to my clients’ claims decisions and options.
  4. To render timely and proper service to my clients and ultimately to the management of their claims.
  5. To continually enhance professionalism by developing my skills and increasing my knowledge through education.
  6. To obey the letter and spirit of all laws and regulations which govern my profession.
  7. To conduct all business dealings in a manner which would reflect favorably on my profession and me personally as a consultant.
  8. To cooperate with others whose services best promote the interests of my clients such as treating physicians, therapists, attorneys and services that best promote the interests of my clients.