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The Standard

I’m a relatively new client of Linda and DCS. I’ve found her blog when I was in the unfortunate situation of possibly having to file a disability claim. Linda gave me expert advice on my situation advising me to wait until I had a definite diagnosis as if the doctors didn’t know what was going on then neither would the insurance company. I hired Linda when I had a clear diagnosis and it was clear I’d be on claim for an uncertain amount of time. 

Linda has been invaluable in helping me. Even being an avid reader of her blog I estimate I would have made twenty or more mistakes just in the initial claims process. Right off the bat the insurance company tried to conduct an impromptu interview while I gave verbal notice of claim, disrespected my request that everything goes through Linda in writing and continued to try to contact me on the phone for an interview. The written questionnaires the insurance company sent also included a lot of out of contract questions that I didn’t need to answer. They also requested medical records way out of contract as well, and so Linda worked hard to limit the scope of their investigation. 

Linda was also really helpful in giving me useful advice on talking to my doctor. With my particular condition medications are the only treatment option available. I’m always just “one medication” away from finding something that works. Unfortunately because of this fact, my doctor kept giving a return to work estimate of the next month – perhaps fine for an employer but it would cause major issues for a disability claim. Linda’s coaching helped me have the difficult talk with my doctor to get him on board that any return to work date is currently indeterminate. 

Without Linda and her blog, which is the best resource and authority I’ve found on the disability insurance claims process, I probably would have been very ignorant. I probably would have spoke to insurers on the phone, answered out of contract questions, wrote pages on how I’m disabled (when in reality what counts is what your physician is willing to state), and agreed to a ridiculous scope on a post-claim underwriting investigation. 

Thanks to Linda I feel we have a strong claim. I can rest easy at night focusing on getting better instead of worrying about the claim.

Liberty Mutual

You were very kind to give me your thoughts on my situation in the past. I wanted to give you an update and let you know if you wanted to anonymize the details and not use my name you could use my case on your blog.  Liberty (now Lincoln) is really using everything they have to not pay on a STD claim.

The background is also shown in the emails below; I filed a STD claim back in Fev 2018. I was out of work for panic and anxiety disorder until end of April 2018, when I returned to work.

The background is (also shown in the emails below); I filed a STD claim back in Feb 2018.  I was out of work for panic and anxiety disorder until end of April 2018, when I returned to work.

First Liberty denied the claim, saying it wasn’t covered, because it was a work related injury and was workers comp.  I appealed.  On appeal, Liberty paid the claim from Feb. 2-28, and said they would request medical records to show proof of disability from Feb. 28 to April 28.

Liberty repeatedly sent the same letter (like the same generic letter 4 times) to my doctor and me requesting medical records, test results, and patient notes.  I and my doctor repeatedly responded by saying if there was anything in particular they needed, please provide the request in writing saying what was needed that wasn’t already included in the Liberty Mental Evaluation and Certification forms completed by my doctor in mid-February, the narrative summary sent by my doctor on Feb. 28, 2019 (the exact day of the period they now were requesting), and a new narrative summary sent by my doctor in mid November 2019 to provide the updated details, along with updated forms. We also both told Liberty in writing that he does not provide patient notes or phone calls, but would respond to requests in writing.  He also sent them a bill for the narrative summaries, which Liberty refused to pay.

In January 2019, Liberty denied the claim for the second time, saying that they had not received all the information they requested.    I appealed again.  Liberty just contacted my doctor again via phone call to “have some questions answered”.  He told them to send any questions in writing.

As an aside, Liberty never sent me a copy of the Plan Summary, even though I asked my employer and Liberty numerous times. I contacted the Department of Labor in January 2019, and after that my employer sent me a copy.  The DOL also told me, as did you, that I have a right to sue for damages for the delay.  Of course, that means I have to sue.

As I said, I just am passing this along in case you want to use it on your blog.  Its quite ridiculous – the claim is worth about $25,000 and I can’t believe that its worth it to Liberty to spend so many resources on this.  My employer is self insured for beyond the NYS statutory amount, so maybe my employer is directing them to fight this.

It’s a good thing in one respect that this has dragged on so long.  I was in no condition last year to expend the time and energy to fight this, which I suspect is what Liberty counts on.  It’s draining and exhausting.  I have come to the conclusion that Liberty will find a way to deny the claim and chance that I won’t continue to appeal. These companies really are the worst – why have disability insurance if they never want to pay a claim.

Anyway, keep up the good work.  Your blog is a fantastic resource.

Thanks for Checking – Unum and Prudential

Thank you for reviewing this for me. God bless you for everything that you do for those of us that are so exhausted by the process that often we are unable to think clearly to help our selfs. I will always keep you in my prayers that God blesses you abundantly. I totally understand that there is nothing you are able to do to assist me. (Requests for settlement negotiations.) Thank you for returning the documentation.

An Appreciative Reader of the Blog

Thank you for your blog. I became disabled in Oct 2015. I went through STD and LTD claims through my employer that were quickly approved.My SSDI claim was approved in Dec 2016, on the first attempt without a lawyer. I was blessed to have the foresight and funds to pay for income replacement policies. I have a severe heart condition (cardiomyopathy with a 17% EF) . I still have learned a great deal from your blog, and think your company is a godsend for people. I was able to negotiate all the paperwork as being medically trained I understood it.

I can see how challenging it could be for someone who isn’t. I now see how naive I was that things would just work out. I just was lucky they couldn’t challenge my condition. I am keeping your information as I don’t know if things will continue to be easy or not several years down the road. You still amaze me with your strength and gentle ways – keep strong. Because I still have hope some day we can actually meet. You understand the true meaning of humanity, a very wise woman you are. I don’t throw these words around lightly. Here’s to good health and happiness in the new year!

All the Best from a DCS Supporter and Claims Rights Advocate.


Just wanted to send you a huge thank you for your kindness and generosity. You make a big difference in my life everyday. Without you, I would be living with a relative or on the street. Your knowledge, guidance and excellent skills are a force to be reckoned with. I hope this holiday season is filled with joy and  happiness. You deserve it! Thank you.


Linda, Happy Holidays. It has been a relatively peaceful year with Unum and I am so grateful for that and your help. Here’s to hoping for a great 2016 for both of us! Thanks also for all of your newsletters to client; it helps me feel like I am “in the loop” even if we aren’t actively working on my claim. Thanks again. I’m so glad to be your client!


Linda- Thank you will never be enough to express my deepest happiness after I became your client. I was continuously harassed by Unum , supposedly in contract, weekly phone updates, threats from my then claims rep regarding a field rep visit and so much more.

A disability claim does indeed become another illness My doctor has documented this harassment which caused my blood pressure to soar to 199/110 and was taken to the emergency room. I am still on BP meds because of the stress, but in my eyes the glass is always full with Linda Nee by my side. Both current and Ex Unum employees call her frequently due to them finally seeing the light and agreeing that Unum commits illegal and out of contract actions every day. My old claims handler, I’m up to about 8 now, called Linda because she felt unethical regarding what Unum had planned to do to illegally deny my claim.

We got through the 24 month change in definition while on ROR due to Linda’s amazing expertise in managing claims knowledgeably and very professionally . I have read quite a few blogs which outright copy Linda’s words yet leave out the key information to lure clients into their money grubbing lions den. I advise everyone to do some research and see this plagiarism for yourselves. Attorneys want denied claims so they can rob your already reduced income with their backward and forward fees. DCS is the most reasonably priced company in existence . I am blessed to have found Linda Nee/DCS and pray that many others finally see the light and come join our happy family of people receiving their benefits.

Warmest regards dear Linda!
Your biggest fan

Client Affidavits  Submitted in Support of Linda’s Consultative Services…..

After recounting hassles, frustrations, and demands for paperwork, examinations, and testing by Unum in order to retain her disability benefits, a Unum insured (RN) wrote, “There is NO question, in my mind, that WITHOUT Linda Nee implementing her knowledge of the industry and utilizing her extensive insurance credentials the ‘deck’ would have been ‘stacked’ against me and my claim would have been dismissed.”

Another Unum insured writes “to briefly explain what an incredible helpful resource Ms. Linda Nee is and has been as I worked to justify my total disability claim with my insurer, Unum. . . .Her advice was to take a firm and professional approach, working to build a fair relationship with Unum. . . .I have been very pleased at every turn with . . . Ms. Nee’s services.”

Another Unum claimant writes “to explain why I hired the invaluable services offered by Linda Nee. . . . Plain and simple I hired her services because of my lack of understanding pertaining to my disability claim process. I had no idea what my disability insurance contract covered, how to complete the claim forms, terminology used that I didn’t understand, as well as other related issues.”

Another affidavit submitted stated, “There was a fear, apprehension and intimidation I felt when I was asked by . . . Unum to fill out forms and sign affidavits that something could be misconstrued. There was also anxiety about not knowing the process and how it works, which in my opinion most people do not. I feel without Linda’s help and guidance I would not have been able to do it alone.”

After asking attorneys to take her case, another Unum insured wrote, “I was told by several attorneys that my situation was “not a legal matter” and an attorney referred me to Linda Nee who agreed to help. “Please do not take Linda away from the public. She has a specific specialty that helps people that no one else has (to my knowledge). Law firms often do not help, but Linda will.  Although Linda is not an attorney, she provides accurate advice and claims management assistance.”

Having worked with Nee for many years, this Hartford insured explains that Linda has provided “support and guidance, and made sure that I was educated to the best of her knowledge as to the disability claims process. Her services have been invaluable to me.”

“I was harassed by Unum Provident and the stress had put me in the hospital with migraines, put stress on my relationship with my wife and my family. Having Linda as my consultant has taken the stress and harassment off of my family and I. I don’t know what would happen to me and my family without Linda’s help dealing with Unum Provident.”

A client physician wrote,  “I have been a client of Linda Nee of Disability Claims Solutions, Inc. for nearly one year. During that time she has provided services to me regarding the filing of my disability claim that have been invaluable to me. At no time during my relationship with Ms. Nee has she acted in any way that would cause me to think she was giving legal advice such as an attorney would. The services she provides are administrative only, mostly consisting of assistance in completing forms and advising me on what to expect in terms of documentation that may be required. . . .Not allowing her to continue her consulting would be a disservice to the disabled citizens of our country, those who need services the most.”

A Hartford client writes, “The ONLY interested professional willing to assist me with my claim was Linda. . . . Due to her knowledge of the industry and the immoral practices that have unfortunately become routine with some of these insurers – she was able to stop the harassment and termination of my benefits. Thank God for that! What are the clients of Linda Nee to do if this caring resource is shuttered?

Another Unum client writes, “To make a long story short I would be totally lost without Linda Nee. . . . After speaking with her it was clear that she was not an attorney but a knowledgeable consultant whom at one time worked for an insurance company. . . .Currently to date Ms. Nee advises me on all my claims matters with Unum and ‘translates’ each correspondence and guides me accordingly with regard to my continuing disability claim.”

The Hartford

What can I say but Linda is truly a savior. Linda started assisting me to manage my claim and continues to assist me for almost 8 years now. I have been through it all, from surveillance, questioning from my disability carrier, mountains of paperwork and Dr. Appointments and more stress than I could ever imagine.

Linda was with me every step of the way. She answered my calls and emails and was truly my protector and advocate. She gave me straight forward advice to ensure that I was protected and would not lose my claim. Linda has proved over the years that she has more knowledge in dealing with real life disability claim issues than any attorney I have ever spoken to. She is definitely an expert at what she does. I truly feel as though she is a member of our family now. Simply put, I would have lost my lifetime claim of over $600,000 several years ago without Linda’s guidance and assistance.

Now my family and I can have peace of mind knowing we have Linda by our side and can survive financially. Having Linda as my consultant is the best financial decision I have ever made.


Prior to discovering DCS, I had experienced several years of non-stop abuse from my disability insurance carrier. I spent that entire miserable period in a constant state of near paralyzing fear. I sought the legal counsel of three prominent local attorneys and spent thousands of dollars on their advice about managing my disability claim. No matter we did, the insurance carrier remained intransigent in their abusive pattern of practices.

Fortunately, I happened across Linda’s website. After one conversation with her, I quickly discovered that Linda knew more about managing the disability claim process than all three of my previous attorneys combined. The best decision I’ve made in regards to managing my disability claim was to immediately engage Linda’s services. Soon after Linda began to provide me with accurate and knowledgeable advice the insurance company harassment “magically” ceased.

Linda provides an excellent value for your money, and I consider her services well worth her fees.  If you want someone to help you fight for the contractual rights contained within your disability policy, tell it to you straight and provide you with the best disability claims management services available — hire Linda and follow her instructions.

Last, if you are not really disabled from working and are attempting to game the system; not only will Linda see through you in about five minutes, it’s simply not worth it. Being on disability is a full time, extremely stressful job that no one in their right mind ( who was still capable of working ) would ever choose over their job ( any job ). If you can work, do so. If you can’t, don’t hesitate to hire Linda. Hope this is helpful…you are the best!!!


Once I became a client of DCS, Unum’s many requests and complex claims system became manageable. Linda assisted me with all of my communications and told me what was needed from my doctor to support my claim. With my physician on board and me not having to talk to Unum myself, for the first time I could think clearly. Linda prepared me for a “field visit,” which was of course really with a private investigator. Thanks to her I was able to answer his questions appropriately and with confidence. Without DCS, I would have probably lost my benefits.


I was just reviewing some old disability papers and wanted to thank you for being there for for so many of us that face these situations. I appreciate your presence in my journey .Hope you have a great memorial day weekend. Take care of yourself.


Linda, I also want you to know that I think you are just fabulous. You are incredible, knowledgeable and your work is impeccable. I would be happy to speak with anyone who wanted a verbal recommendation, or had any questions about your services. Thank you for all you do.


Thank you, Linda, for your monthly client newsletter. It is always full of useful guidance. I’m writing to provide you with a testimonial for your updated website and blog. Good luck with the new design.

I greatly appreciate your help in providing advise that resulted in getting my disability insurer to pay my claim. I know that I could not have done it without your help, especially since I have one of the unfortunate diagnoses that private insurers just love to deny automatically. Your services have been money well spent and I would recommend you highly to anyone who would apply for LTD or is facing an appeal. Thank you again for all you have done to help me.

A Thankful DCS Client – Unum

Thank you so much for all you have done for me. My heart is filled with gratitude and appreciation. You are a noble warrior whose core beliefs have aided and served so many families in their time of need.

You have made it possible for my life to move to its next state. Because of your successful claims management skills and your subsequent referral to an attorney to help me with a settlement, I am able to pay off my mortgage and have significant savings as I move toward my new direction.

Linda, we appreciate all the blood, sweat, and tears you put into your work. I also wish you the peace and serenity you have earned and provided for me. Thank you so much.

A Satisfied DCS Client

Thanks for your October Newsletter and for all of the excellent work that you do! You should be featured on CNN as a “Hero” for all the good that you do for insureds and claimants.

The Hartford

Today I do not have questions nor need anything but again wanted to say thank you. Not only have you helped me with my claim but my “anxiety” due to the entire LTD claim process while being on disability.

Today I needed to check my LTD check deposit date for December which is usually around the 20th. I tried to login but received a error “Application Problem,

We’re sorry but your company has elected to not use The Hartford At Work. Thank you. ” I felt that panic come on then calmed down. I went through entire “logical” thought process of they wouldn’t shut me out if my claim was closed. Instead I would be able to login and it would simply show cancelled or whatever, I am assuming. So they seem to just be having website updates or something.

My point is without your assistance now and in the past of helping me calm down, etc. I would not have been able to do just that, think logically and calm down. I am so pleased with working with you and wanted to let you know.

The Hartford

What can I say but Linda is truly a savior. Linda started managing my claim and helping me for almost 8 years now. I have been through it all, from surveillance, questioning from my disability carrier, mountains of paperwork and Dr. Appointments and more stress than I could ever imagine. Linda was with me every step of the way. She answered my calls and emails and was truly my protector and advocate. She gave me straight forward advice to ensure that I was protected and would not lose my claim. Linda has proved over the years that she has more knowledge in dealing with real life disability claim issues than any attorney I have ever spoken to. She is definitely an expert at what she does. I truly feel as though she is a member of our family now. Simply put, I would have lost my lifetime claim of over $600,000 several years ago without Linda assisting me. Now my family and I can have peace of mind knowing we have Linda by our side and can survive financially. Having Linda as my advocate and claim manager is the best financial decision I have ever made.  


I have found Linda Nee to be the most knowledgeable and pleasant consultant I have ever worked with in my life. If you need guidance to begin your Disability Claim process or get confused working with the Disability Providers as you move along I cannot be passionate enough in telling you that you owe it to yourself to give Linda a call. A small investment up front will save you a world of headaches getting approved and staying approved. I checked with friends who work with Disability Providers and all of them read her blog on a regular basis and respect her talents. Linda has a warm personality which helps make a stressful time in your life a little bit calmer. 


Having a LTD claim with Unum has been a confusing, annoying, and stressful experience from the get-go. The Terminology used is hard to understand for regular people who don’t work in the field of medicine or insurance claims.
I found myself in dire straits, on the verge of my claim being denied. I was lucky I found Disability Claims Solutions, the guidance, expertise and professionalism from Linda Nee has been my savior. She not only makes sense out of the often-senseless demands of paperwork being requested by Unum, she does everything with aplomb, dedication, and in a timely manner.
Working with Linda Nee puts insurance companies on notice that you are serious about your disability claim. Her success rate of 98% claims paid is no small achievement, it is due to her immense knowledge, continuous education, and many years of experience regarding the disability claims process.
You don’t have to be alone managing your LTD claim. Give Linda Nee a call to find out about options in how to handle your claim. A small investment up front and keeping Linda on a yearly retainer will save you a world of headaches getting approved and staying approved.
Just knowing I have Linda in my corner to assemble all the necessary pieces of my claim into a whole picture is enormously comforting. Foremost the “Peace of Mind” that Linda provides for her clients when the going gets rough is above and beyond appreciated on my part.