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Insurers Not Functioning Well

I am writing this article to re-emphasize that although insureds are scared and are, in some cases, demanding that the claims process move forward as usual, everyone seems to be biting at the same pickle, including insurers. The United States has not had to go through...

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MetLife – A “Wacked” Company For Sure

For the last 20 years I’ve always described MetLife as a “bottom feeder” insurance company. My opinion was at first derived from the company’s complete lack of customer service and fair appeal procedures, but recently my opinion is based on...

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Hanging In There…. Good News! 3/23/2020

God bless to everyone who has been hanging in there for the past couple of weeks. DCS, Inc. continues to work through may logistic problems with insurers, but please be advised that every claims handler I’ve spoken to has been very helpful and willing to work...

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Crisis Update For Insureds – 3/19/2020

Information I have is that most insurance companies have shut their doors and have asked employees to work remotely from home. Although I have still been able to reach, and speak to, claims reps, I’ve had to be persistent with phone calls. Some handlers are only...

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No More Answering Service For DCS, Inc.

As most of you are aware DCS, Inc. utilized an answering service to help with the numbers of calls received from readers of the blog. Clients and non-clients have mixed reviews about the value of an answering service, particularly for a disability Consultant. There...

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Disasters, Pandemics and Disability Insurers

Quite a few people are contacting me with questions concerning the current coronavirus outbreak. As you all know, I am not a public health official, nor am I a doctor and cannot give anyone specific advice regarding “what do do.” I probably know as much...

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Friday Q & A 3/13/2020

Can Unum take money out of my bank account? Not unless you give it permission to. Electronic deposits allow Unum (and other insurers) to put money in, but not take it out. Authorizations to watch are those connected with third-party SSDI Advocates such as Genex,...

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2020 Insurance Surveillance Is Worse Than Ever!

Several insureds called me this past week to fill me in on their experiences with surveillance. One gentleman described surveillance teams following his children for several days in addition to following him. His opinion was that it must be illegal for an insurance...

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Attorney On Your Case?

Recently, I’ve received several calls from insureds who have already retained attorneys for their disability claims, and unfortunately I turned them dow It’s no secret I’ve traditionally written on this blog, that in my opinion, most attorneys are...

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