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Linda Nee guides you through the complex maze of of insurance paperwork and deadlines that is sometimes difficult for disabled persons to meet.

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DCS provides clients with accurate information and options concerning the disability claims process so that insureds can make informed decisions regarding their disability claims.

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Linda’s actual claims experience managing disability claims provides invaluable and unique insight into the disability claims process.

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Using information provided by DCS, Inc. clients become “knowledgeable insureds” and are more able to manage their disability claims well.

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Welcome to Disability Claims Solutions, Inc. – a place where you will find informative and experienced disability claims advice and assistance.


Leaving work because of a medical disability can have a tremendous physical and emotional impact on anyone. In fact, making the transition from working in a chosen career field to total or partial disability is a major life event that often requires knowledge of disability contracts and investigative claims processes. Disability Claims Solutions, Inc. is here to help.

As a company, Disability Claims Solutions, Inc. provides insureds with resources to make better decisions concerning ERISA Group STD/LTD claims, as well as Individual Disability Income benefits and Long-Term Care. Having the opportunity to work with an expert consultant, such as Linda Nee, provides insureds with valuable procedural options to work through problematic issues in successful ways. Our focus is to resolve problems, not wrestle with conflict.

DCS, Inc. maintains excellent relationships with treating physicians and specialists who support patient disability. Insureds and claimants ultimately benefit from the teamwork of physicians, specialists, and employers, in combination with expert consultation and advice.

If you are interested in coming on board as a DCS client, or finding out more about Linda’s services available to you, please feel free to contact her using the information below.
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  • Initial Applications for Benefits

  • Good Medical Communications

  • Independent Medical Evaluations (IME)

  • Contract/Policy Reviews

  • Objective vs. Subjective Symptoms and Self-Reported Claims

  • Any Occupation Investigations

  • Residual Benefits- Working Part-Time

  • Surveillance

  • Specialty Impairments



Linda Nee’s Blog

Where there are solutions, there are no problems.

Medical Fraud During COVID

I received an email from someone who shared the following information with me. Insureds should be very careful of physicians who order expensive tests in order to take advantage. I went to a hearing test this morning.  I think I experienced mansplaining for the 1st...

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Everything Including The Kitchen Sink by Linda Nee

Occasionally for the disabled, it often feels as though one has every known impairment in the ICD-10 medical billing book. Head hurts, back hurts, gastritis, arthritis, joint pain, Lyme disease, FMS, CFS, POTS, IBS, HIV, DDD, DJD, and on and on. And, while impairments...

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Word Press Mucking Things Up

I can only guess that the low numbers of Lindanee’s Blog views in the last several days have to do with Word Press changing to totally awful “block editor” that bloggers are finding hard to manage. I’ve found that when something works well on...

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