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Time to planOver the years I have taken the position through recommendations and articles that all American employees should obtain copies of their Group Plans, read them, and develop a “Plan B.” I really never described or went into detail what a “Plan B” entails and readers are beginning to ask me about it.

Rather than writing a series of articles posted to my Blog (where unscrupulous attorneys and their organizations steal my intellectual property), I’m going to write a spiral bound workbook about financial planning before and after a disability takes place. Recognizing that virtually no one expects to be medically precluded from working, planning for the future is usually the first thing left behind until it is too late.

Planning for a future disability is a hard thing to do because no one thinks they will ever be “disabled.” But, life has a way of letting us know our own vulnerabilities, and for some, not knowing what the future holds, is a major source of anxiety and stress after-the-fact.

I’m planning the format of the workbook to lead you along a path of thinking that results in your very own “Plan B.” I expect the book to be out sometime in the spring. I hope the idea of a “Disability Planning Workbook” is a good one and I look forward to putting all together this winter.