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Where's my moneyWe are quickly approaching the holiday season and that could mean delayed checks and late benefits from insurers.

While Unum by far has the most difficulty in getting checks out on time, hardships over the holidays from not receiving benefits on time can happen to anyone.

If you are receiving paper checks in the mail, I strongly recommend that you change to EFT deposits. EFT deposits are usually on time more so than checks in the mail. If you are  managing your own claims, contact your claims handler for “Direct Deposit” forms. It takes two full pay cycles to get set up for direct deposit, so you need to do this right away.

Most late checks are due to inefficiency, not claim denials. Still, late checks make everyone nervous. To avoid late checks over the holidays, consider “Direct Deposit”, which seems to work better than checks in the mail.

If your check IS late, this is the only time I recommend a phone call to ask, “When can I expect my check?” I find this is the only action that will calm your nerves when checks are late.