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Surveillance in the Christmas TreeJust a quick reminder that surveillance teams are out in full swing trying to locate early shoppers carrying parcels, walking malls, and putting grandkids on Santa’s lap.

Remember, the new normal of disability claims investigation includes activities checks with your neighbors, placing surveillance equipment on neighbor’s homes, and researching up to three generations on social media. While it may seem as though it’s time for “Holiday Cheer” insurers are well aware insureds take risks by exceeding medical restrictions and limitations over Thanksgiving and Christmas.

In reality, I doubt surveillance investigators are hiding in your pine trees in the yard, but they’ out there nonetheless.

My recommendation has always been not to exceed medical restrictions – ever….and Christmas is no exception. It will not be a holly, jolly Christmas if you wake up in January to a denial letter from the Grinch.

Please consider your reported medical restrictions and limitations and stick to them.