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Great JobWow! This year seemed to go by really fast. It’s time for DCS, Inc’s statistical and activities update.

Lindanee’s Blog has 215 subscribed site members and 225 members for Comments. there are 2,179 articles in 183 categories. DCS receives on average 50 phone calls per week and over 100 emails from non-clients. I accept and try to provide as much assistance as I can, but of course the majority of my time is dedicated to DCS clients and the management of their claims.

Most read articles include “Resignations” and articles deemed by readers to be important in “keeping benefits coming.” Less read articles include most of the educational articles I write to help insureds plan for the future, and understand the insecurity of the benefit. Apparently, in 2019 most insureds were more interested in “prevention from cutting me off” than learning and understanding the Plan or policy to safeguard benefits from denial.

Currently, DCS, Inc. has 93 clients with no more than two denied claims in 2019. Claims denied were deferred to qualified attorneys who eventually brought about successful outcomes. The 93 claims currently under DCS management include every U.S. disability insurer, including a few companies with Life Waiver of Premium provisions. DCS, Inc. assists in managing disability claims with between $30-$40 million dollars in financial reserve.

NCDI_Logo_colorAlthough insureds are too afraid to participate in any public demonstration of support to state regulators to protect fairness, I maintained the sister non-profit organization the National Coalition of Disability Insureds, or NCDI. The old man named Anonymous can never bring about change, but I keep the NCDI open nonetheless.

In 2019 the “Settlements” eBook was published, with many additional articles available to clients from a library of writings that has taken 25 years to put together. In June, I began publishing a subscription Newsletter to include the general public for $25 per year. This has been a huge success with 53 current subscribers. Anyone who would like to subscribe to the “DCS Report” can process their $25 subscription fee through Pay Pal using my email address: DCS@metrocast.net

Finally, the DCS, Inc. website located at: http://www.disabilityclaimssolutions.com was completed and is a work in process with  new information to be added in 2020. The re-make was necessary to meet new rules and formats for Google promotion. If anyone has any suggests as to what information would be helpful to new insureds, please send me an email and let me know.

Overall, I’m very pleased with what DCS, Inc. has been able to accomplish in 2019. I look forwared to another very productive year.