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StupidityToday I received four nasty, personally attacking consultation messages through the website from Andrew Paladino, Mike Murphy, Gary Bryan and Jenny Feeley. I really have no idea who these people are since I haven’t worked for Unum in over 20 years and doubt very much I ever directly worked with them.

While I don’t usually disclose the  names of Unum personnel I want to send a reminder to Unum’s Legal Department and Executive Management of the definition of defamation and libel. Clearly, if indeed the four Unum employees actually exist, and I believe they do,  Unum’s management would not support employees sending me the kind of messages they did.

What I will probably do is send a copy of the messages to Unum’s VP of Claims and to the Claims Committee of the Unum Board of Directors and legal department. If Unum’s employees hacked my new website in any way, I will also be filing charges for the costs of repairs.

I am not particularly disturbed about this since Unum’s management classified me at the bottom of their totem pole a long time ago. The four named individuals are probably runaway cowboys with time on their hands. However, this is exactly the kind of Unum behavior that I write about so often. It’s unprofessional, and likely to reflect negatively on Unum and the employees involved.

It’s my opinion that the execs at Unum will regard this behavior as “unbecoming” and the jobs of those named may be in jeopardy.  In any event, when you consider the Unum source, it’s not all that unusual.

If anyone at Unum knows the people I’ve named, please send me an email.