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Stop Watching meSeveral insureds have recently reported to me that they either are, or have been, investigated by insurance surveillance agents. In one instance, surveillance investigators went right up the insured’s door, knocked and demanded to be let in. This situation put the insured in a state of fear and is totally inappropriate.

However, as I recently predicted in my articles concerning the “new normal” in 2020, insurers will be using every opportunity to conduct what I’ve referred to as “private trespass”, such as knocking unannounced on someone’s door. The insurer in this case is Prudential, but it’s unclear exactly who the company hired to conduct the investigation. Both the HUB and G4S are known to engage in “private trespass”.

There is also recent evidence that an investigator broke into an insured’s home not realizing one of the insured’s children as there. Police were called and a report was made. I’m not saying this is routine, but it does happen.

As most of you know from reading my articles, surveillance is used primarily to “catch” insureds exceeding medical restrictions and limitations proving “inconsistency of report”. Once an insured has been “observed” engaging in functional capacity beyond what was reported, it’s hard to explain away.

The old clichés of, “I have good days and bad days” are no longer taken seriously since healthy people also have “good days and bad days.” Also, statements like, “I really paid for my activity and was in bed for a few days afterward”, also won’t fly anymore. Once insureds are viewed exceeding the reported functional capacity, it is presumed by insurers that there is “inconsistency of report” and the insured can work.

Despite my frequent articles about surveillance it appears insureds are still willing to take the risk of getting caught exceeding medical restrictions and limitations. This is very unfortunate since insurance surveillance is today, more frequent, more technology related, and more invasive. Contacting neighbors, spying from adjoining property, setting up cameras on neighbor’s buildings etc. is becoming more popular.

DCS clients know what to do in case of surveillance and should follow the agenda given. Those who find themselves “watched”, or suddenly having someone banging on your door, need to contact their local police and tell them they are fearful. I recommend posting “No Trespass” signs on the property so that police reports can actually be filed.

Anytime investigators arrive unannounced on your property causing you to be fearful the local police should be immediately contacted. We live in a heightened society now and anything is possible. Err on the side of caution and protect yourselves from privacy invasions.