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Nickel and DimedThe “hungry vulture’ strikes again with continous requests for more and more SSDI information to re-calculate SSDI awards looking for every nickel and dime it can find. Some claimants are asked to submit SSA paperwork over and over again allowing Unum to recalculate imaginary overpayments it swiftly removes from the next benefit checks.

SSDI overpayments have been an ongoing focus of Unum’s since late 2018 when it hired Lucens as its third-party SSDI award chaser. Despite the harassment of claimants who refuse to sign SSDI Authorizations, Unum continues to  request SSDI verifications of current and past benefits. One claimant remarked, “Is Unum so inaccurate with its accounting?” In my opinion, Unum needs cash flow and is hunkering down to seek out every last nickel and dime it can find.

Bonus1March is corporate bonus month for Unum’s employees who receive salary percentage bonuses for supporting Unum’s agenda to deny claims. Unum’s claims handlers know exactly what they’re doing when legitimately payable claims are denied, and are paid handsomely to collude with management.

In addition, the best among highly skilled deniers will be chosen to go to Disneyland as part of the ASPIRE program, which is yet another of Unum’s indoctrination programs. Disneyland doesn’t seem to be much of a worthy reward for colluding with management to deny claims for profit. Still….many employees “aspire” to see Disney World. Go figure.

Bonuses are generally paid to all employees employed by October of the year previous and can range anywhere from 2-5%. Medical and management staff can receive higher or lower percentages depending on how well they contributed to “shareholder value”, a Unum buzzword for profit.

In my opinion, anytime incentive monetary gain is offered, the door is opened to claim review abuse.

Unfair-Trade-in-Greenville-scAt least one Unum claims handler communicated to a claimant that the company WOULD NOT give credit for SSDI attorney fees when calculating overpayments because he/she didn’t use Genex. Hello?

Welcome to Unum’s world of Unfair Trade Practices. Unum tried to do this several years ago but was challenged by attorneys with claims of unfair trade practices and the company stopped. Apparently, Unum reinstated the practice, according to one of Unum’s claims handlers.

From what I understand from the attorneys I spoke to, forcing claimants to use Unum’s (incompetent) third-party SSDI advocates is an Unfair Trade Practice. Not only is the claimant deprived of the opportunity of attorney/client privilege, more competent advocates, but Unum is forcing claimants to use advocates who provide all information directly to Unum creating a conflict of interest. Genex works for Unum, not for claimants.

This is not something that claimants should dismiss, or feel strong armed into doing. Genex, Advocator Group, Allsup etc. are not always the best choices to advocate for you. Claimants should have a choice whether or not to use Genex without penalty. What Unum is doing is an Unfair Trade Practice.