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Hang onGod bless to everyone who has been hanging in there for the past couple of weeks. DCS, Inc. continues to work through may logistic problems with insurers, but please be advised that every claims handler I’ve spoken to has been very helpful and willing to work with me and my clients to provide paperwork and information. I’ve been doing a great deal of communicating on the phone, which is the quickest way to share information; and, we’re all working together.

While claims reps will tell you, “I don’t have access to a fax”, or, “I can’t scan anything in”, I’ve been finding ways to meet all of our needs. I probably have spoken to representatives of all major insurance companies in the U.S. in the last week and I have not noticed anyone deliberately attempting to deny claims during the current lockdown.

At the same time, DCS received quite a few calls regarding timelines cited in letters prior to company closings and fear that claims will be denied because of unmet deadlines. My readers should know that most medical offices have either closed their doors entirely, or have offered video conferencing/phone calls etc. in lieu of office visits. Most appointments have been cancelled until the middle of April at the soonest.

Insurance requests for medical records won’t be met, at least not for awhile, and insurers realize that. In addition, claims reps aren’t really paying attention to update paperwork deadlines, within reason of course. Please don’t expect “acknowledgements” for receipt of anything in the next coming weeks. You may get a letter, but mostly you will NOT.

The situation right now with insurers is that they are willing to work with, and around, various requests for information. I strongly encourage my readers not to take advantage of your insurer’s generosity in attempting to process requests later than usual.

Insurance companies are not behaving in ways that would lead me to believe they are taking advantage of anyone, even though this is very close to 1st Qtr. profitability results. It’s as I said earlier that insurers seem to be taking the high road here, both for their own employees as well as working with insureds.

The important thing for insureds to remember is not to push the panic button when it comes to their claims, and use common sense. If you feel you need help please call and consider coming on board as a client. However, from what I’m seeing, I’m not expecting insurers “to do bad things” in ” really bad times.”

Take care, and stay safe.