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Stupid PeopleAlthough I’ve been reporting that most insurance companies are flexible with deadlines, I probably spoke too soon. Today, I’ve reviewed information that suggests both The Hartford and MetLife in particular are still sending out threatening letters with short 14-day deadlines.

This is really egregious since MetLife’s phone menu tells you upfront the company is not taking calls. The Hartford is still insisting on meeting deadlines although if it is impossible to obtain updates, it’s important for insured’s to COMMUNICATE why it isn’t.

I’m not surprised that these two insurers are the ones making threats concerning benefits since their claims practices already leave a lot to be desired. Those who have Plans with either one of these two companies should make an effort to communicate, in writing only, why deadlines cannot be met.

In addition, there is no such thing as a 14-day deadline. Nearly all ERISA Plans stipulate 30-45 time period to submit “proof of claim.” Don’t allow your insurers to arbitrarily pull out short deadlines.