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Carrot and StickAlthough Unum has taken the high road on working through the national pandemic, the company still remains the most egregious insurance company in the U.S.

Information reported to me is that Unum is chasing denied claimants for retroactive SSDI overpayments and recoveries related to miscalculations of Worker’s Compensation. Unum seems to think that it can recover overpayments from claimants even when SSDI approvals are received AFTER claims are denied.

Unfortunately for Unum there are several court cases setting prescedent that in fact insurance companies are not entitled to recover overpayments when future liability for the claim doesn’t exist. This is just another in a long list of egregous claims practices that Unum sets in place to gain in profitability. As a result, Unum remains a “huge stick” in the backs of claimants.

MetLife is also a “stick in the craw” of most insureds and claimants hoping to get paid. MetLife remains a company of “No” and disputes most claims, or engages in investigations that are not timely. As a result, DCS awards MetLife a “stick” for unfair and untimely claims practices.

High in the carrot category are Sun Life, and Principal who appear to be making good claims decisions. Each of these companies are making headway to improve prior public reputations, and DCS certainly appreciates that. Ohio National is also a carrot awardee for working with insureds during a time of national crisis.