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sitting on the fenceIn order to have a successfully paid disability claim all treating physicians must agree to support your disability by writing medical restrictions and limitations that preclude you from working. No medical support….no disability claim.

Of late, I’ve noticed a growing numbers of treating physicians who balk, complain, or refuse to fill out disability forms particularly when it comes to “functional capacity.” In most instances I am aware of, physicians are getting more and more reluctant to sign update forms without results of a Functional Capacity Evaluation to cover their backsides.

Treating physicians who complain about filling out disability claim paperwork will NEVER be of benefit to those who file disability claims. In my experience, here is what I’m observing:

  • Physician’s really don’t know what’s wrong with you and don’t want to go on the record documenting impairments they can’t prove.
  • Physician’s really believe you have some work capacity, and they don’t want to put their necks on the line without resuls of an FCE.
  • Some treating physician’s actually believe they can’t comment on “functional capacity” unless it is proved by an FCE.
  • Physician’s are no longer accepting their role as “medical reporters” and want out of the system.
  • Physicians are taking the “safer route” by sitting on the fence. Completed documents are vague, non-specific, and not helpful in establishing primary diagnoses.
  • Physicians are scared after having been intimidated by insurance companies, and prefer not to differ with insurance medical opinions.
  • Refuse to write good rebuttals to unfair IME reports signaling “buy in” to IME results good or bad.

Insureds should have cooperative, supportive treating physicians on board who are willing to support their own diagnoses with specific medical restrictions and limitations. Physicians who TREAT you for a particular diagnosis but won’t support it to insurers can’t be trusted.

My recommendation is move on and find treating physicians who are more inclined to document, and stand by their own diagnoses. Physician’s who won’t document what they are treating you for, in my opinion, won’t be helpful with a continuing disability claim.