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team approachAn insured called me the other day to tell me he was told by a Unum representative that Unum was now using the “team approach”  to manage claims and he could speak with any claim representative, possibly not the same one all the time.

I’m not sure I believe this, although since this insured’s claim was in the EDU (Extended Duration Unit), “the team approach” could be possible just for the management of claims in that particular department. It doesn’t make sense to me that Unum would try to manage claim employees working remotely from home into “a team.”

It is also unbelievable to me that Unum’s powers that be would choose a team approach when performance management has always been so cut-throat and individual. Holding its claims staff accountable for rolling in profits, and periodically firing those who do not significantly contribute to “shareholder value” is so uniquely “Unum” that frankly the word “team” in the same sentence with “Unum” is a definite misnomer.

Unum as a company has always been the top micromanager in the industry. If I had to guess I’d say that it is more likely the EDU is being managed by “teams”, but active claim risk management? No way.

If someone from Unum’s claims area wants to call and tell me about this, that would be great. Just never thought about Unum in terms of “team” and working together toward a common goal.

As an aside, other insurers such as CIGNA, and The Hartford have also used the “team” approach and that’s why it is so difficult to get in touch with one person who is accountable for claims.

For Unum to have changed its philosophy to “team” from “I gotcha!” would be a major shift in philosophy and objective. Again, my guess is that only the EDU is now managed by “teams” and not the active risk management departments. Please call me if you have any information to the contrary.