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Q & AWhat does 20% disability mean?

All disability Plans and policies are referred to as “income replacement” meaning there must be at least a 20% income loss in order to be eligible for benefits. Looking at this another way, insureds may not earn in excess of 80% of prior earnings in order to qualify for benefits.

Percentages shouldn’t be confused with Worker’s Comp “whole body” impairment ratings because private disability doesn’t do that.

What is Unum ERISA law?

Unum ERISA law? There is no such thing! ERISA is an acronym that stands for Employment Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, a federal law that protects employee welfare plans from discrimination. While Unum’s employer group Plans are “subject to” ERISA law, ERISA is not unique to Unum. In fact, investment/pension plans, group health insurance, and other benefit administration plans are all included under the ERISA umbrella.

Is it better to get fired from a job, or quit for disability.

NEITHER. Having to leave work because of a disability IS NOT QUITTING, and I’ve said that a lot on this blog! Struggling employees should not wait until they are terminated for poor performance, but should have conversations with their treating physicians about supporting periods of disability.

No employee should ever QUIT a job because of disability, but should position “the leaving of the workplace” as a medical disability. When it becomes apparent that you can no longer remain at your job, dialog should take place with your treating physician to support periods of disability. You DO NOT resign, but you do notify HR that your physician has provided medical restrictions and limitations precluding you from working. No employee should wait to get fired, nor should they officially “resign”.

If you are applying for disability do you give a two weeks notice?

No. How can any doctor, or you for that matter certify a medical impairment in the future? See the answer to the above question. Employees should be given a “date of disability” from their physicians that is immediate. If you can’t work now, then your disability begins now.