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I have been Linda Nee’s client for over 15 yrs. During those years, she has fought two denial claims [this is when I was permitted to do appeals] and was the one responsible for me getting the denials overturned. She has been there from day one and is the only reason I am receiving disability benefits. It was a very scary, anxiety ridden time for me but Linda was able to ensure me things would be okay. She walked me through the process and made me feel at ease.

Linda was the greatest asset in every aspect of the process of obtaining disability. There were attorneys willing to take my case and wanted close to 30% of all the claims income. None of these attorneys had the knowledge or expertise that Linda has. I believe that if I went with these attorneys I would not have had the same outcome and it would have cost me a fortune. She worked for a disability company and knows the ins and outs to the process. It is crucial to have someone with this kind of experience working for you.

As a client, I do not make a move without consulting Linda concerning my policy. She has been responsible, if not directly responsible, for making sure all updates are reviewed and correct to ensure I receive continued benefits. In the end, the result is nothing short of excellence.

It is hard for me to truly express my gratitude for Linda. I can’t imagine what my current situation would be if I hadn’t encountered her. My life as it stands today is a direct result of the tremendous effort and quality that Linda commands. She is truly helping people and I believe it is a labor of love. I highly recommend Linda Nee without any reservation to anyone looking for an incredibly talented and necessary asset when dealing with the initial process or even just continued benefits from their disability claim.

A Unum Client.