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Sometimes I think that when I warn people about surveillance I’m not taken seriously. We just had a Labor Day holiday and surveillance reps were out in droves. I received this email from a Unum insured and believe that many people could learn from it, or at the very least, get a good dose of reality.

Some of what the investigator did here, such as peer into windows and bang the door to see if it opened is illegal. G4S crossed the line on this one. This time the investigator learned a lesson thanks to the video camera on the house, which was a good idea. If he tries the same thing again with someone home, he could go to jail.

I frequently read your blog, and I am so grateful for the wealth of information that you willingly share with so many.

I wanted to share with you my recent experience, though I know it’s nothing new for you.

I began receiving calls from G4S, representing Unum, asking to meet me in person. I never answered the calls, but his message also gave me a claim handler’s name and cell.

I called the handler, and recorded my voicemail, stating that some guy had been calling as a third party vendor and left me her number to confirm everything. I stated in my voicemail to her that I had already requested all communications come in written form, that I did not recognize the name or number of the guy who had been calling, nor did I recognize her cell phone number, and I couldn’t verify that anyone was an authentic caller. I requested a written notice on Unum letterhead stating what they wanted, the provision under which they were requesting it, the name of the third party vendor, along with the name of the party that I would be speaking with and his phone number. I stated after I reviewed my policy and received written notification, that I’d be happy to contact her to set up an appointment if it was mandated in my policy.

G4S continued to call, and I still have not received written notification.

Now, the good stuff.

Today, while I was away from my home, my surveillance video alerted me that G4S was at my door. I knew immediately because he had a camera hanging on his shoulder. The video shows him firstly casually looking into my window before ringing the bell. Then after ringing the bell, and knocking on the door, he goes to another window, leans up against it and cups his hands around his face so he could try to get a good look inside.

Since I was now watching this live, I immediately called 911 and notified them that a prowler was peering into my window, and that I had a clearly visible “Private Property No Trespassing” sign, and nobody should even be on my property. I was adamant that I wanted this guy charged with trespassing. Cops were on their way.

Then I receive a text from my next door neighbor saying he knocked on her door and started asking questions about me starting with was I at work. She replied that I was disabled and when he continued to ask questions, she just told him to ask me and closed the door.

He then returns to my door, and is seen via surveillance very forcefully shoving something into my door. To me, it didn’t appear necessary to manhandle the door, and could’ve even been testing it to see if it opened. That made me pretty uncomfortable.

Then my neighbor told me that the cops were on site and questioning him.

When the officer called me back, he told me who the guy was, which I already knew, and that he issued a trespass warning. Of course, if he returned I could have him arrested. Unfortunately, he also told me that despite my posted Trespassing sign, he had to give the verbal warning first. He also said that I couldn’t press charges on the prowling because I wasn’t home so there is no victim, and that he couldn’t prove criminal intent when he was shoving his face into my window.

I currently have a call out to the Police Captain to verify all this info.

I just thought you’d be interested in what I was told about the trespassing.

Thanks again for all of the good info. I’d be happy to send you the videos if you’re interested in seeing them.