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We are within 6 weeks of year-end profitability and it is important for insureds and claimants to be aware of claim vulnerability until the end of December.

Unum is already enforcing unreasonable deadlines even though the aftermath of COVID physician lockdowns is still apparent. While insureds are having difficulties getting appointments, Unum in particular is sending out notices with very threatening tones concerning deadlines.

<p class="just"I have to say though that insureds should not be scared when a deadline date is on the weekend. I received at least one call from someone "scared" about not meeting weekend deadlines. Think! Who would know the deadline was missed? The information would be electronically on the desktop come Monday morning.

Increased requests for updated information are the norm, and insureds need to pay attention and take these requests seriously. There are usually increased requests for IMEs, field visits, phone interviews, and surveillance.

Please keep in mind that most surveillance these days is electronic due to social media, where everyone receiving disability benefits SHOULD NOT BE. While I can’t stress this enough, I do know that even some of my clients are still on Facebook, a very poor decision indeed.

If you have any questions regarding excessive “risk management” please do not hesitate to contact me. My impression is that insurers are trying to make up for lost time and money by the end of the year.