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This year has been an extraordinary year for DCS, Inc. and clients. Despite changes in the claims processing procedures of insurers, and an alleged national pandemic, we were able to increase our success rate to 99%, meaning the majority of clients coming on board in 2020, and those with me for many years, are still receiving benefits. Good news!

Four DCS clients, some of which had been with me 10 years or more, reached maximum duration this year and unfortunately left DCS,Inc. I sincerely regret to see any of my clients leave DCS, Inc. but knowing they received all benefits they were entitled to for maximum duration was a good feeling. Best of luck to them!”

DCS, Inc. currently has 95 clients with policies and Plans from all US disability insurers. Today, WordPress shows 1,284,648 total views with 1,749 comments and 210 subscribers. I seem to think people are reluctant “to Follow” DCS officially because they are afraid of being found out. It doesn’t matter, but I suspect viewership is a great deal more than 210 people.

I appreciate all who come to Lindanee’s Blog, especially those who are brave enough to leave comments. The Blog has never been monetized and never will be.

The DCS Newsletter was temporarily paused because I didn’t want to dwell on COVID or COVID issues. In the future; it may be that I will include Newsletter subscribers in the next several DCS Newsletter distribution lists and provide them the three copies owed in that way.

Lindanee’s Blog is a continued success, but with reduced readership since WordPress changed its program to “wpcomstaging”. I’m looking forward to reader-sharing in 2021 so that valuable information about private disability can reach more people.

Objectives for 2020 include editing and writing of internally generated forms designed specifically for client use, as well as additional brochures on various topics such as “Treating Physicians and Private Disability Guide”, “Claim Application Procedures” as well as a few others.

Keeping in mind that DCS, Inc. clients are in and out throughout the year, I will be accepting as many as 15-20 new clients in 2021  but thereafter will be limiting my acceptance of clients in order to ensure dedicated time to those who retain me. Please feel free to contact me at any time, though, I’d still like to speak with you. If you do call, I have promotional information I will send directly to you. DCS, Inc. successfully manages over $40+ million in claim financial reserves.

I want to thank all of my readers who took the time to send me emails and make phone calls during the year. My door always remains open to questions concerning private disability insurance, long-term care, health insurance and SSDI as it relates to disability claims. I also received calls and contact from Unum employees, and I hope that they, too, will feel comfortable contacting me. After all I’ve been there!

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and I look forward to a very promising 2021!