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Give Linda a Call

Have you tried to reach your claims handler recently? It’s as though all claims specialists suddenly went DOA, or took a trip to East Gish somewhere. (East Gish is an imaginary place in Maine folklore.)

“I’m going to find someone for you…” Oops, call is dropped after listening to a 5 minute menu. “Sorry, her manager is also out of the office, there isn’t anyone here who has access to the system.” (The Hartford)

Although I would consider myself a patient person, insurance companies are unreachable, and have limited to no Customer Service. What Service reps I have been able to reach have been extemely helpful, but it is NOT helpful when they can’t solve the problem.

“Excuse me but is there really a claims handler by the name of Smith working for The Hartford?”, I ask. “I’ve been trying to reach her for a week.” “Of course, let me call her for you.” “I’m sorry Ms. Nee, Ms. Smith is not available, would you like for me to contact her manager?” “I’m sorry Ms. Nee, her manager is out of the office.”

OK. Now, I’m working on my last nerve, on hold for 45 minutes, trying to find a living, breathing body to help me solve a claim problem. “Is there a VP of claims?”, I sullenly ask, “can you connect me?” “Just a moment”, the service rep says. Five minutes later, “I’m sorry Ms Nee, the VP won’t be back until Monday.”

Has everyone gone crazy I wonder? I realize we have a holiday coming up, but this is only Wednesday. Memories of working for Unum come into my mind, especially when management refused to allow PTO and vacation time because the phones wouldn’t be covered….Am I actually wishing I was dealing with Unum? Well,maybe, aw actually no. Just want to reach someone on the phone somewhere, wishful thinking that’s all.

The only thought that soothes me is knowing that perhaps someone will be back to work on Monday. Phew! I’ll call back then and take my chances.

I wish all of my readers and clients a very happy holiday. Enjoy good weather if you can. If you call me on Monday, my phone may still be busy trying to raise the dead.