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I just wanted to send out a message to the person who hijacked my business contact information and has been sending it out to franchise list servers. In addition, you’ve been contracting businesses in my name in the Portland area by actually inputting requests through their websites.

I wanted to give you a heads up that DCS is not without an investigating staff. We have located who and where you are and will be filing felony charges against you. All of the servers have been contacted as well as Unum, police departments, and businesses that may file charges of their own.

For those readers who are reading this blog please note that this person contacted Safelite Glass and ordered work on an Escort totalling $3, 500. In addition, “Hate Unum” parties of 300 persons have been scheduled with local businesses such as Rick’s Place and the Marriott. This activity is a felony and will be prosecuted. This kind of activity can be handled with investigations and shutting down the offenders.

Whatever the offender hoped to accomplish here was not accomplished. When contacted, franchise owners offered to assist in finding the identity of the offender. Every business i contacted was sympathetic and offered to assist. Unum will no doubt conduct their own investigations. I am going to press charges for this unlawful activity. You’re going to jail.