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Unum’s Denial Abuse For 2nd Qtr. Profitability

Unum’s abuse of power denying claims for 2nd Qtr. profitability results has reached an all time high. Using broad and unclear provisions to deny high value reserve claims, Unum is likely to be sued by many seeking recovery of benefits legitimately due to them.

Unum’s claim managers are pushing well hidden and broadly written provisions in order to deny as many claims as they can by the end of June. A “big push” like this is usually the result of poor 2020 and 1st Qtr. profit figures. Provisions such as “appropriate and regular care” and “subjective” proof are used to deny benefits at the expense of insureds who are really entitled to receive them.

Although the general public is well aware by now of Unum’s bad faith “targeting” of claims, its current push to cause harm is not likely to go unnoticed. In fact, Unum has been on the hot seat since early 2000 – 2004 when the company was fined $15M for unfair claims practices. The state of California further fined Unum $8M for unfair practices just in that state.

Since that time, in an effort to rebrand itself, Unum’s reorganization from UnumProvident to Unum Group hasn’t helped repair the company’s reputation, particularly when it doesn’t “walk the talk.” Unum continues to engage in high financial reserve abusive policies basically giving the finger to the Multi State Settlement Agreements signed twenty years earlier. The newer company, Unum Group, is worse than the older one, and thousands of people are being scammed when benefits are denied as a result of direct targeting.

The problem seems to stem from hard-nosed claims managers who look for bizarre provisions they can use to deny claims. The “Appropriate Care” provision does give Unum the authority to force claimants to be in appropriate care, but have no authority to dictate what that care should be. Unum is NOT a mental health or other provider and cannot practice medicine by dictating care, although it seems to think it can when it needs profitability results.

Thousands of Unum’s own insureds are likely to be hurt by June 30 based on what I’m seeing and what is being reported to me. The insurance industry, like so many others these days, is being driven by negatives that actually destroy their own marketing base. After all, who is going to buy a Unum policy or Plan after so much bad PR on the Internet?

I really feel bad for those who will find themselves claim less by July 1st. But then again, that’s Unum, and Unum has not changed it’s bad faith since its demutualization in the mid 80’s. In my opinion, employers who buy Unum Plans are also dupes, since employees won’t be protected, but victimized.

Unum is likely to cause a great deal of harm in a few days. I’m sorry to report it, but the company is way over the top again on its targeting and denials.