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Insurance Advocate Consultant – What I Do

I was recently speaking with a friend who is a professional Business Advisor, now disabled for many years. After visiting my website and Lindanee’s Blog, he suggested that perhaps I don’t spend enough time explaining who I am as a person, or what qualifications I have to do what I do. Although I never wanted to turn this blog into a marketing mouthpiece, it is true that I’ve often been so busy giving information that I’ve ignored the value of having an experienced Consultant as your advocate.

Eleven years of my early career was spent teaching, a profession I loved. Specifically, I taught Accounting and Taxation at the college and university level, which today lends a valuable level platform for assisting with disability claims. Perhaps this is why I also enjoy writing the blog and teaching insureds about the process of disability claims.

Eventually, I rose through the ranks and became Accounting Department Chairman, Vice President, and Dean of Faculty. The experience was invaluable.

I worked for Unum as a Lead Specialist for just short of 9 years. During that time I received at least 10 rounds of medical training that added to my own as a former Army Medic. Unum also trained me as a Contract and Settlement Specialist, which also prepared me in my current career as a Consultant.

Later, as a Consultant I worked exclusively with Attorneys as a professional Expert Witness. Although not an attorney myself, the experience exposed me to many legal aspects of claims that often contribute to my personal management of claims.

I am licensed by the State of Maine as a “Life and Health Consultant”. Although I don’t emphasize it, I also manage quite a few Long Term Care and Life Insurance Claims in dispute.

Wow. I consider my qualifications as a Consultant to be quite diversified. Although at one time I spoke fluent Flemish, French and German, I haven’t kept up with it over the years and can only still read French.

OK, enough with the curriculum vitae. DCS has been in operation for over 20 years now with a current 99% success rate. The value of working with someone who has actual hands-on claims experience, does make the difference. As a Consulting non-attorney advocate I provide resolutions to claims problems, preventing denials rather than waiting for denials to happen. It’s a process that works extremely well.

I hope this article clarifies any questions you may have about me and Disability Claims Solutions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I’m also a good listener.