Thank you for visiting the Disability Claims Solutions website. I hope the information below will be helpful to you as you prepare to become a part of a very complex and often frustrating insurance disability claim process. If, after reading the information below you are considering consulting assistance, please feel free to contact me by phone or email to discuss your individual claim. I am here to help.

DCS, Inc. is a full-service, fee-based source of consulting services dedicated to the fair and equitable review of ERISA and private disability claims. As an experienced and licensed hands-on consultant involved with the disability claims process for nearly 20 years, Linda provides insureds with unique “inside” perspectives of successful management of disability claims.

As a Licensed Maine Life & Health Consultant Linda also provides “information relative to coverage, rights or interests under insurance contracts, or relative to the retention, exchange, surrender, exercise of rights, or other disposition of insurance or annuity contracts.”

Professional consultants such as Linda Nee partner with insureds and claimants as an administrative guide through the complicated disability claims process. It is very comforting to have someone on your side who knows the territory of complex paper bureaucracies, medical requirements and timelines.

Linda offers consultative services in the following areas:

  • Social Security Disability (SSDI) and (SSI) Initial Applications and Appeal Reconsiderations
  • Long-term Care Claims and Management
  • Health Insurance Claims
  • Private Disability Claims Case Management and Consultative Services
  • Life Waiver of Premium Applications

DCS, Inc. offers the following professional consulting and administrative services to insureds, claimants and their physicians for private disability:

  • Assistance with the completion of initial disability forms and applications.
  • Expert disability claims experience with actual experience managing claims for a major disability insurer.
  • Case management of different insurers for more than one policy.
  • Communications with the disability insurer on your behalf.
  • Hands on assistance with information-gathering to and from your insurer.
  • Administrative assistance with the completion of on-going paperwork and medical patient records.
  • Administrative management of EFTs, change of address, changes in status and work accommodations.
  • Assistance provided to primary care physicians upon request to ensure accuracy of medical restrictions and limitations reported to the insurance company.
  • Employer contact as appropriate to complete FMLA paperwork and ensure job and benefit qualification and protection.
  • Management of return to work status, employer work accommodations, sick leave, salary continuation, and accuracy of residual and/or part-time earnings.
  • Policy audits and recommendations from an insurance trained contract specialist.
  • Assistance, direction and case management of IMEs, any occupation investigations, field representative visits, internal medical reviews and patient record requests.
  • Contract assistance with ERISA and non-ERISA appeals.
  • Referrals to qualified and experienced attorneys, physician specialists, vocational experts, IME physicians, underwriters, experienced RN medical record reviewers, private investigators and  other specialists.In addition, Linda also works with and for attorneys in many different ways including consulting, providing file reviews and reports and engaging in case management under letters of authority from attorneys already working on a case. We have a great deal of professional claims management expertise to share with attorneys who choose to litigate disability claims.


Applications for disability benefits can be a very scary and complicated process for someone unfamiliar with their own individual disability income policy or employer benefits package. It is not unusual for Human Resources to be just as unfamiliar with benefits their employees are entitled to as the employees themselves.

Linda will also help you in the following ways:

  • Explain to you what to expect as you move through the disability process.
  • Prepare a timetable and list of tasks to be performed such as obtaining patient notes, signing Claimant Statements, and providing earnings records.
  • Explain what your disability insurer is looking for in terms of “proof of claim” and help you accumulate it.
  • Provide guidance and administrative assistance in completing the necessary paperwork as you move through the process from month to month.
  • Remain available and actively involved by answering questions and assisting you with problems which often arise as the insurance company periodically investigates the claim.
  • Provide reassurance that you are doing the right things, at the right time, in an appropriate manner thus avoiding pitfalls and red flags in the claim review process.
  • Help you control your stress levels and manage the overwhelming fear, frustration, and anguish one often feels when dependent on an insurance company for financial support.

Disability insurers have at their disposal a wealth of resources and defenses for the purpose of depriving insureds of their benefits. While disability insurers are managing your claim 24 hours a day, you can be assured DCS, Inc. is also assisting you to perfect your claim.

Disability Claims Solutions, Inc. also has other experts available to assist insureds with their claims such as vocational rehabilitation counselors, private investigators, CPAs, plaintiff IME physicians, attorneys, professional medical records reviewers, and many others who can provide documentation when needed. DCS, Inc. is a team of professionals who can be called upon for comment if necessary.


Leaving work because of a medical disability can have a tremendous emotional impact on families. In fact, making the transition from working in a chosen career field to total or partial disability is a major life event depriving individuals of their personal empowerment with family, friends, and peers. We live in a culture of “work ethic” and paying our own way. Unfortunately, we often define who we are by what we do for a living.

Combined with ill-health, and the fear of not being able to work, are the messages communicated to you by friends, family, and society about what disability status really means such as:

  • You are weak and needy and have given up; you are a quitter.
  • You no longer have any personal value or can contribute to your family or community.
  • You are a malingerer looking to obtain money from an insurance company for secondary gain.
  • You have surrendered to your disease and are over-exaggerating your symptoms.

These and other messages communicated by our culture and society severely impact those who must stop working due to illness. We can help provide you with encouragement and the confidence you need to maintain control of your claim and the claim process.

Most insureds who eventually go out on disability have already experienced difficulty working at their jobs, or staying at work on a sustainable or consistent basis. After a period of time, exhausted and emotionally tired, most people are forced to stop working at the recommendation of their physicians.

DCS, Inc. provides insureds with a plan of disability designed to fulfill the employer’s FMLA requirements as well as obtaining the needed medical certification required for short-term and long-term disability.  We can provide assistance and treat you with the respect you deserve as a disabled person.


DCS, Inc. works with physicians to obtain medical certification of restrictions and limitations. We feel this is of utmost importance to any disability claim.  We work very hard with all of your physicians to obtain the answers to these questions:

  • What is the disease or injury that disabled you?
  • How does your diagnoses prevent you from sustaining or consistently performing the “material and substantial duties” of our own or any other occupation?
  • What are your physicians’ medical treatment plans and what is your expected prognosis in the future?

Physicians often contact DCS, Inc. to provide their offices with administrative services relative to your claim. The insured receives the benefit of teamwork from physicians, employers, and their disability claim professional, Linda Nee.


Clients of DCS, Inc. are given access to log-in pages on this website and have their own unique password to view articles, newsletter editions, brochures and special insurer information. As a writer and former educator, Linda’s articles help explain the disability claims process in detail.

To become a client and receive assistance with your disability claim please see Linda’s contact information below.


Again, we thank you for your interest in retaining DCS, Inc. to assist you with your disability claim(s). We welcome you to give us a call or email with your questions.

You may contact Ms. Linda Nee at:

Telephone:    (207) 793-4593
Fax:               (207) 274-2331


We are happy to discuss the specifics of your disability claim and look forward to working with you in the future. You do not need to go through the disability claims application or review process alone. Linda is here to help.

Please note that DCS does not negotiate disability claim settlements on behalf of our clients. Instead, we refer claim settlements to experienced attorneys with whom we have worked or have had prior associations.