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Better call SaulRecently, I’ve received several calls from insureds who have already retained attorneys for their disability claims, and unfortunately I turned them dow

It’s no secret I’ve traditionally written on this blog, that in my opinion, most attorneys are part of the problem, not the solution. While attorneys have a place litigating in the claims process, they are in fact, very poor disability claims managers and often sit back, do nothing, and wait until claims are denied – that’s really where their money is.

I do work for attorneys, but only when THEY retain me to assist with their cases and I produce non-discoverable attorney work product. I do not accept disability cases where there is already an attorney involved.

Why? Frankly, over time I really got tired of sitting back and watching attorneys do exactly the wrong thing, or worse, nothing. Attorneys often reject the opinions of Consultants, and having both an attorney and a Consultant confuses the insurance company as to who to communicate with.

The truth is, I have a 98% success rate that is based on my own strategies and actual knowledge of the claims process. Managing disability claims doesn’t have anything to do with legal issues and those attorney who accept management cases are really doing their clients a disservice when they don’t know what they are doing?

How do I know that? Because some attorneys, after taking private disability claims call me to ask, “What do I do?” Or, the attorney’s client calls me six months later to ask, “What do I do with an attorney who isn’t doing anything on my claim?”

Unfortunately, I do not take cases when there are attorneys managing the claim. Once insureds make a decision to hire an attorney rather than a Consultant, then they should defer all of their questions to the attorney who they are paying to represent them – for better or worse.