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Q&AHow can I coordinate Worker’s Compensation and my STD payments?

There is generally nothing to coordinate. Usually, STD Plans will NOT pay claims if the claimant has or will file for Worker’s Compensation. Employers may play “Gotcha!” by insisting you apply for WC when they already know you can’t get STD if you do. Worker’s Compensation is an offset from LTD benefits, but if you decide to file for WC don’t expect to get STD at the same time. Most STD Plans won’t pay if you file for Worker’s Compensation. WC is OK for LTD since any money received is an offset from benefits.

Do insurance specialists hack your phone?

I don’t know the precise answer to this, but I can say “it’s possible.” But, let me point out that most people are becoming more and more aware that phone calls, emails, social media posts are NOT private. The expectation of privacy is no more. To worry about whether or not insurers can hack your phones seems a bit “off” to me when we already know everything is being hacked anyway. Right? I think we need to wake up and realize that any conversation, any where can come back to bite you. Truly.

What should I do if Unum threatens me with update forms and my doctor is still locked down?

My recommendation is to send Unum (or any insurance company) a fax/letter informing the following for your file:

“Please be advised my treating physician, Dr. _________________ is not reopening his offices to patient care until (date). His staff is also not working and therefore Unum’s request for patient/medical records will not be honored, or requested information may not be received by the Unum deadline. Please place this notification in my Administrative Record (or file). While I am happy to provide Unum with continuing proof of claim I am not able to do so during our current national crisis, or until further notice.”

This should do it.

CIGNA just denied my claim without giving me a chance to chase down what it requested. Now what?

This is why it is extremely critical for insureds to notify insurers when physicians have shut down their facilities and obtaining updated paperwork is impossible. Remember, CIGNA is the one company who absolutely MUST contact physicians by phone before they will pay. I would contact a CIGNA manager and explain why you were not able to provide information as of a certain date. Ask the manager to continue to pay benefits while you continue to attempt to obtain the requested information.

I am aware that CIGNA is taking advantage of the pandemic and insureds. Stop this in its tracks hopefully before claims are actually denied.