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Reliable sources  informed me this morning that Unum STD checks scheduled for 9/12 release apparently just disappeared. Unum employees have been advised not to tell claimants multiple claims are effected and that checks are being reprinted and mailed on 9/28 and 9/29.

It is presumed by those inside Unum that since  “stop payment” was never mentioned, that in truth the checks were never sent out.

This leak of information was provided to me in order to help those who “desperately watch their mailboxes for checks that are NOT going to arrive until much later.”  I hope all of my readers appreciate the risk these Unum employees took in order to help those looking for STD benefit checks within the time frame mentioned. Not all Unum employees are without “caring.”

It is difficult to say how something like this could happen, but it sure is consistent with other information I have that Unum is really “messed up.” Please spread the word if you can, particularly if you know someone looking for UNUM STD checks scheduled for release from 9/12 – 9/30.