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Most of you  know I still have access to information inside Unum that is reported to me several times a year. While it’s never good news, it is news.

Recently, I wrote a blog about a large group of (4,306 STD checks to be exact) that were not sent out. A Unum hush-hush of sorts took place and supposedly it was communicated to employees they were mailed out with the same 9/12 date but would be received in 2-3 business days.

Subsequently, I began to receive reports about other Unum actions as well. Information provided to me states, “…I could tell immediately from your blog that you know how Unum works…”

“Claimants are spied upon (surveilled).” Employees are told not to document specific things in claims, and to  lie about things that any reasonable minded person could see through with no real benefit to either party. It’s senseless.”

“I see some pretty far fetched things these days. For example: a Facebook post of the claimant standing in front of a stove. I didn’t see anything in the restrictions and limitations that indicated a person should not be standing at that stove. Why is it in there? How is that proof of anything? Every human has to eat. I really wish claimants would understand how if they post on social media or if their family or friends post picture of them, it will be ins construed. They never think about what their family or friends are posting.”

Haven’t I been writing articles about how dangerous social media is? Warning about how information can be misrepresented? Suggesting that using website portals isn’t such a good idea? Well, apparently persons inside Unum are validating what I write.

In addition, when Unum management tells employees to “lie about things”, they are breaking the law. Those who have policies managed by Unum should be very careful. We have evidence that Unum’s STD is mismanaged, and in addition, any Unum directives to “misrepresent information from a claim” is illegal.

We need another public media exposure of what Unum is currently doing. More information needs to come out and be reported officially. It really is getting pretty awful.</p?