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Give Linda a Call

More and more disability cases have been surfacing from Mutual of Omaha, which upon inspection are “bungled” in very untimley ways. I’m not sure whether it’s because of COVID or whether total disorganization  is a way of life for this insurance company.

I recently contacted a claims handler who had difficulty finding the right claim to begin with. Once he did, I found out that MofOhm recently placed a heart transplant survivor on a 30-day extension “pay no mind list” because no one asked, or answered the “what changed” question and the claim was just sitting there. I’m expecting a call back from a manager, I wonder if I really will get a return call.

I am actually embarrassed for MofOhm for using the archaic “what changed” defense, but it’s so much worse when no one calls to actually ask the question. Did the company actually think that anyone would put up with that? It really is time for insureds to start talking back when these types of omissions takes place.

Finally, in my opinion, to request a second 30-day extension for a heart transplant claim is grossly egregious. I’m adding Mutual of Omaha to the list of bad faith insurance companies and you should too.