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I received an email from someone who shared the following information with me. Insureds should be very careful of physicians who order expensive tests in order to take advantage.

I went to a hearing test this morning.  I think I experienced mansplaining for the 1st time.  The doctor was showing me my results on a screen compared to a normal hearing range.  I asked a question about the graph.He told me to let him finish talking. I was taken aback but didn’t say anything.  I had not interrupted him.  He told me I could try hearing aids for quality of life but I don’t necessarily need them now but will in the next 3-5 years.  He twice said the cost was around $8,000 per ear and my copay will be about $3,000.

I explained that I would need to speak with my husband before I spent $3,000 and asked for a copy of that (pointing to the graph) so I can explain it to him husband.  The doctor said No & immediately began walking me out of his office, that if I bring my husband in he would explain it to him.

I left feeling talked down to but regardless…. shouldn’t I be able to access my personal medical information?  Isn’t there a law that says he has to give that to me?  I wasn’t offered any kind of privacy paperwork & didn’t think about it until after the appointment.  Do you have any of your excellent advice for this situation?

My take on this is that this doctor should be reported to his licensing department, and the insured should try to find a reputable physician recommended by a hospital referral service. I would not rely on any information via the current testing since we don’t know if it is credible or not. Report this guy, and move on to a more credible evaluator.