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Although I have been posting that Unum no longer has a centralized facility, I didn’t know until today that Unum’s main campus in Portland, ME is now the Berry Dunn buildiing. Those of you who have been to Portland, ME on outer Congress Street may have been familiar with the “Unum Group” sign on the pictured buildiing.

But, no more. I have to say that I am a bit saddened to see the Unum campus disappear into history. After all, I remember the well groomed green lawns in front of the building and the corner stone of “Lighthouse to the World” that Jim Orr III had placed at the entrance. In it’s day Unum’s campus consisting of HO I, HO II, HO III, and the main building were the talk and pride of Portland. The main building shown above was Unum’s Headquarters for many years, first as Unum Life, then UnumProvident, and lastly, Unum Group.

Twenty years ago Unum was the pride of Portland. ME. Businesses in the Maine Mall remained open extra hours on Unum’s bonus days. Therefore, the major question now is, WHERE is Unum? I’m assuming the home office is still located in Chattanooga, TN and the Communications Center is still in SC.

I am also told that many of Unum’s lawyers have quit camp and are now working in other firms. The company let go of all of it’s support staff and is denying legitimate claims to recover losses due to COVID. In all honesty I am of the opinion that Unum will not be in operation much longer, if it continues to spread out remote resources and maintain minimal staff.

In any event, it is sad to see the total destruction of a company that once had so much promise since it’s demutualization in the mid- 1980’s. It’s downfall, again, in my opinion was it’s extravagance during Jim Orr’s leadership followed by the devastating effects of Harold Chandler’s deceitful bad faith strategies.

Ultimately, the company’s lack of leadership and decentralized operations will result in its total fall from grace.