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Give Linda a Call

Just wanted to remind everyone that we are coming up on the Christmas holiday season when Unum is known for late benefit checks. Therefore, there is no reason to panic claims have been denied if benefit checks aren’t on time around the holidays.

This is the only time I recommend insureds call Unum to ask, “When can I expect to receive my check?”, not, “Why didn’t I get my check?” Most people make the mistake of asking the wrong questions for the wrong reasons. Do you see the difference in the question?

Most Unum late holiday checks are because employees take their PTO leave and don’t approve release of checks due while they are out. Not very nice, really. However, this year with the continued confusion within the company, I suspect late checks are due to even more serious negligence. Many insureds are already not getting their checks on time.

Call Unum and ask, “When can I expect to receive my check?” I have found this is the only way that seems to settle the nerves of insureds around the holidays. Otherwise, I have never recommended calling Unum about anything.

Other insurers never seem to have a problem in releasing benefit checks on time around the holidays. This is a uniquely Unum problem.