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Forget About Timelines

Insureds are still expecting Unum to respond in timely ways, when it’s obvious the company is too remotely disconnected without much leadership. I receive many emails from clients and non-clients alike expressing, “I haven’t heard from Unum”, “When am I going to hear from Unum?” And, Unum isn’t the only company not operating well.

When it comes to insurance companies today, there is “what should be”, and then again, there’s “what is.” I keep saying that insurance companies DO NOT WORK ON OUR TIMELINES, but not many people really understand that and demand checks be received when they want them.

While I do understand the anxiety anxiousness involved in having disability claims, insureds still expect their insurers to act in what they “expect” is a normal and fair review practice. Earlier this year, I described in detail the “new normal”, but I noticed these posts received minimal reader hits. Apparently, insureds aren’t too concerned about the “new normal” even when their lives are about to change big time with changes in the White House. (And not good changes either!)

Insurance companies are NOT capable of operating efficiently with remote resources, over-extended outsourced reviews, and minimal staff. No one should expect disability insurers to act in ways they cannot pull off without considerable change and new leadership. It’s just not going to happen.

Food Poisoning or ?

Last week I was very sick with what appeared to be food poisoning and was out of commission for a little over a week. Those who may have tried to contact me may not have been able to. Many thanks to clients who sent well wishes to get better, I really appreciated it. I’m still in catching up mode, so your patient is appreciated.

DCS Review

In the last several months, DCS, Inc.’s new clients have benefitted from 5 new claim approvals and several extension approvals beyond 24 months. Although I haven’t been posting as often as I used to, DCS clients have fared very well within the claims process and are now receiving benefits.

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